Thomas Traum

Super Studio (Virtual)

In CG you have total control over all aspects of the image, making it the photographer's perfect studio. In CG, space is even bigger than the studio, its infinite. The students were invited to dream of images that wouldn't be otherwise possible to make during a one week workshop with Thomas Traum.

The students utilised different techniques such photogrammetry, found 3D models and their own photography to build their own dream images. This was presented as a group show in the photographic studio at ECAL. Accompanying the exhibition was a video of the virtual exhibition in the very same space.

Florian Amoser
Salomé Chatriot
Calum Douglas
Marine Giraudo
Bastien Gomez
Karla Hiraldo Voleau
Simone Sandahl Jensen
Yuliya Khan
Eunwook Nam
Shin Young Park
Robert Swierczynski
Maria Tasula
Anna Toussaint
Clément Tremblot
Justinas Vilutis

Maxime Guyon
Frederik Mahler-Andersen